Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I'm liveblogging this

Seth Godin writes about "liveblogging":

A few times over the last week, I've spoken at conferences where laptops were open and people were online. They were liveblogging, taking notes in real time and posting them online for all to see. At first, this sounds like a fantastic idea. Now, thousands of people can listen on what's happening in a smaller group.

On closer inspection, it doesn't work particularly well

I am a regular reader of a particular form of live blogging and have been since the summer of 2002.

I think it works very well when:

a) the event is suited to it and has a "I must know now" element about it
b) the blogger can provide real time information to an audience that would otherwise be in the dark

The event that turned me on to this was the World Cup which that summer took place in Japan and South Korea and so had games scheduled at some odd times.

So to ensure I could keep up to date with every game I kept the running blog commentary from the football section of GuardianUnlimted open when at my desk. It meant I could continue to work and indulge my insatiable appetite for the king of sporting tournaments.

I have continued to use this when other media forms let me down or to keep tabs on one game whilst watching another. I have a TV card in my desktop pc at home so can have one game playing, one live blogged, and have an IM conversation with my brother about both games at the same time.

Toinght I will be sticking to TV only as Liverpool take on AC Milan in the Champions League or European Cup Final.

I may be livebeering in real time as I watch but apart from that...