Tuesday, 1 May 2007

If You Build It They Will Come

One of my mantras of business.

Goes with Cash belongs in the bank not in the warehouse, You Can't Grow Your Way Out Of A Hole and of course: Positive Churn (how do we do what we do better today than we did yesterday and how will we do it better still tomorrow).

If you build it they will come.

Maybe not in their millions.

Maybe not right away.

Maybe not the people the that you thought would come.

But they will come.

Example: our Black Kite Fast-Dry Towel.

We thought this would appeal to Surfers (as in waves not web!) so we took it to Surf Shop Expo to have a conversation with the UK Surf crowd. The Surf Shops were rather indifferent although a nice bunch, .

At the show we met Dean. Dean is a serving member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces. He was helping a friend sell sunglasses.

Dean Loved the product.

"This is just what we need" He told us and bought one. This was on the first day of the show.

On the second day he came back.

"Can I buy some more?" He asked.

"Of course." We said, "How many?"

"Sixty." He said. So we sold him sixty. And have since sold him many many more. He sells them on to his colleagues and they have taken them on tour in the middle east and elsewhere.

If You Build It They Will Come.